Community benefits

Most community organisations desperately need an ongoing reliable passive source of income. 

Some community organisations have managed to accumulate invested funds, but unfortunately those investments in their financial statements often render them ineligible for other funding.

Those investments can be held by Sunrise in a special purpose endowment fund.  They would continue to receive the same annual income, but would not need to disclose invested capital in their financial statements.

Donors can nominate specific charities or causes which they would like their donation to support.  Those organisations know they will receive an annual income from that donation forever, without having to go through the uncertainty of making annual applications for grants to support ongoing operating costs. 

Even if a community organisation has not been specified as a recipient it can still apply to Sunrise for a grant from the General Fund or one of the special purpose funds where the purpose matches the activities of the organisation (e.g. Arts, Hearing Assistance etc).

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