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Sunrise connects people who care with causes that matter

Sunrise is a simple and lasting way for you to support local charities, organisations and causes that are important to you. 

You can support causes that are close to home and close to your heart.

If you have a charity or cause that means alot to you, you can donate to it through a special interest fund.

We'll make sure that your donation supports your chosen charity and stays right here in Tairāwhiti-Gisborne forever.

Donations of any size are welcome and all donations will qualify for a tax rebate of 33.3% up to the limit of your taxable income.

Named endowment funds

A separate named endowment fund will be established when your donations total $50,000 or more, you can choose:-

  • To have the fund in your name, your family name or any name of your choice. 
  • Which charities or causes will receive grants from the income from your fund.
  • To receive annual reports on earnings and distributions from your named endowment fund.

Bob and Aileen Harris gifted $1.38m to Sunrise in their will

Bob and Aileen Harris were salt of the earth rural folk who worked hard for what they achieved. They gifted a $1.38 million legacy to Sunrise and requested an endowment fund be set up in their names.

Their wish was that half the income from their fund be included in Sunrise’s general funding round to help the most needy in our community every year. They chose Waipaoa Farm Cadet Training Trust and Eastland Rescue Helicopter as beneficiaries of the remaining half.

The income from their named endowment fund will be granted in their name every year, forever.

Read more about Bob and Aileen's story.

Gavin McFarlane 1939-2015

Gavin McFarlane was a “Gizzy” man, who says he lived a “normal life”.

When his health started to deteriorate, Gavin thought hard about how he could give back to the community he loved. Bequesting his estate to Sunrise appealed because it meant

the support would go on forever, rather than giving a lump sum that would be gone when it was gone.

Gavin chose the Cancer Society Gisborne East Coast and Hospice Tairawhiti as beneficiaries of his donation as not only did they support him, but also his wife Ngaire before she passed away in 2003. He said the people behind these groups did “amazing work”.

Read more about Gavin's story

John Larsen lends his weight to sustainable giving

Local business man John Larsen attended the launch of Sunrise in October 2014, where Sir Stephen Tindall introduced our fledgling organisation and the endowment model we operate. 

Johns says he “picked up on the value of it immediately”. The endowment model appeals to him as he knows that “donations to Sunrise are a way to give now, that will give forever”.

“I know the value of money, you can’t just give, give and give into a black hole. That will fritter your money away and once it’s gone, it’s gone. Giving to Sunrise is all about sustainability, it will return to the community forever.”

John’s ongoing support for Sunrise is greatly appreciated. No only has he donated to Sunrise, he also supports Sunrise out in the community by helping others to understand how the endowment model works. He really gets it and his endorsement lends weight to what we are trying to achieve.

Read more about John's story.

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A lifetime of giving

Maureen web montage jpg

Maureen said it was the support of two generous people early in her life that fostered her belief of giving back. They were two music teachers who recognised her talent and nurtured it, providing free training when she couldn't afford it.

Like her early benefactors Maureen gave back to the community by training young local musicians (whether they could afford it or not), volunteering for thirty years at the Gisborne music competitions and as the founding member of local charity Centre Stage.

For a woman that has spent her life giving back, it is heartening that Maureen's bequest to Sunrise will continue that legacy forever.  

Maureen passed away 23 December 2017 in her 86th year. Read more about Maureen's story.

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