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Transfer a trust or society

Trusts and incorporated societies may find that as times change so will the way they run their organisation. Memberships may fall and trustee succession could prove to be problematic.

We can help incorporated societies and charitable, family and corporate trusts to transfer the assets of their trust or society to Sunrise. 

We will establish a named special interest fund for your trust or society and distribute grants in your name every year, forever, to beneficiaries as specified by you, working with trustees to develop a tailor-made plan that provides the level of control and involvement required.

The named fund will have no loss of identity or purpose but will gain expert legal and financial management, experienced and knowledgeable grant making, and dedicated fund management support.

We will keep you up to date with the continuing great work that is being undertaken as a result of your generosity.

To understand how you can transfer your trust or society and still create a lasting legacy click here to email Glenda or call her on 027 529 5474.

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