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Sunrise workplace giving is an easy way for companies to help their employees give back to our local community with regular donations through their payroll system.

It is simple for both employer and employee.

Companies aren't required to contribute any money up front.  

All a company needs to do is

  • Enable staff to donate through the payroll system (we can help set this up)
  • Include workplace giving information in induction packs for new staff
  • Give us the opportunity to talk to your staff about workplace giving. We keep presentations short and can do them in small groups to minimise the impact on our business.  There is no obligation on your employees to participate.

Not only is workplace giving an easy way for people to donate a little often, it also has the added bonus of an immediate tax benefit.

Employees receive an immediate tax credit for their donations, instead of having to retain their receipts and wait until the end of the year to claim a rebate.

For every dollar donated they receive a third back as a tax credit in the same pay period.  If you donate $7.50, the government pays $2.50 of that meaning only $5 is deducted from your pay packet. 

Workplace giving is a very powerful way for our community to support itself and build a strong legacy for the future.

Download and print the workplace giving factsheet

Workplace giving donors drive establishment of fund for local SPCA

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Animal lover Tracey Lloyd donates to the Gisborne SPCA Endowment Fund every week through workplace giving. Tracey is pictured here with Glenda and canine friends Molly and “Benny 3 Legs” who is an SPCA rescue dog.

A special interest endowment fund requires a $5000 establishment donation. Because there was a fair bit of interest from donors wishing to give to our local SPCA through Sunrise workplace giving we approached two donors we knew had an affinity to SPCA and asked if they would like to help establish a fund for them.

The two donors, who wish to remain anonymous, were thrilled to hear there was potential for regular giving to SPCA in Gisborne and didn’t hesitate to help seed the fund.

There are now people giving every pay day to the Gisborne SPCA Fund and it is growing steadily into what we believe will become a significant fund for animal welfare in Tairāwhiti-Gisborne.

SPCA is a beloved charity, many people feel passionate about animals and their care. As more people kept telling us they would like to help build a fund for our local SPCA it made us determined to work with donors and get a fund set up.

Tracey Lloyd is giving regularly to the Gisborne SPCA Endowment Fund through workplace giving. An animal lover that has always had pets, Tracey says she’s used SPCA often when she’s found animals she couldn't look after herself.

“I’ve always supported SPCA. I think people can look after themselves, but animals can’t, that’s where SPCA does such a great job.”

Tracey has been donating every week since workplace giving was introduced to The Gisborne Herald Group. Every pay day she gives $5, the price of a cup of coffee, which is automatically deducted from her wages and sent to Sunrise. She says, “I don’t even notice my donations going out and I don’t miss the money, as it’s not a lot each time.”

Tracey likes that she’s helping to build capital in the fund and it’s our local SPCA that will benefit from her donations.

”It’s a big thing to me that it stays in town, that’s what I like about it. You can donate directly to SPCA but not really be sure where that money is going. At least I know my donations are going to be used here.”

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Turanga Health giving together for the community

The team at Turanga Health donated over $16,000 in their first four years of Sunrise Workplace Giving.

Turanga Health introduced the workplace giving scheme to allow staff the opportunity, if they would like to, to donate to Sunrise each pay day. Donations are automatically deducted through payroll and forwarded to Sunrise.

Regular donor Billy Babbington says it’s great being part of workplace giving. 

“I don’t miss the money I donate every week and I really enjoy giving to a cause that is helping our community.”

Sunrise workplace giving is not only an easy way to give back to the community, it also has an immediate tax benefit. For every dollar donated, the government pays one third, which is a win-win situation for both the donor and Sunrise.

Linda Hardgrave has chosen to donate $10 a week, of which the government pays $3.33, meaning her pay packet is down just $6.66 a week. 

Linda likes the annual updates Sunrise sends as it’s nice to see how much she has donated and how much they’ve given as a team. 

“It was a nice surprise to find I had donated $1,700 in just over three years, that’s incredible”.

Maria Samoa believes practice starts at home with whanau and communities. 

She is proud of how the Turanga Health team have taken to workplace giving and says “working together for our community is just the kind of thing Turanga Health is all about”.

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Workplace giving a breeze for Coates

The team at Coates Associates collectively donated over $11,000 in their first three years of Sunrise Foundation Workplace Giving.

Coates partners Robyn Tomlinson and Mitchell McFarlane championed workplace giving for their staff and set it up through their payroll system so anyone working there can automatically donate to Sunrise every pay day. 

They have given to a wide variety of causes, including the Sunrise General Fund, Cancer Society Gisborne East Coast, Disability, Gisborne SPCA, Gisborne Women’s Refuge, Swim for Life Tairawhiti, Tairawhiti Community Law Centre and Wainui Surf Lifesaving Club funds.

People give what they can, some as little as $5, or a cup of coffee a week.

Corrina Henry has been giving to the Cancer Society Gisborne East Coast fund as she has friends and family affected by cancer. She says it’s nice to know her contributions are going towards helping those affected by cancer in our local community.

She added that it was quite neat seeing how much she’s donated in such a short time. “Robyn and Mitchell really backed workplace giving and I think that was what gave a lot of us a good push to come onboard and start donating too. Once you start it’s easy and I don’t miss the little bit I’m giving every payday.”

Carnie Nelson does the payroll at Coates and says “it was a breeze to set up. From a payroll admin point of view there’s not much to do. Once a team member has signed up I add them to the direct credit schedule and payroll, it’s seamless.”

Carnie gives to the Disability Fund as her family has had firsthand experience of the difficulties of living with a disability. She says she only supports local charities and what appeals to her about Sunrise is only one percent of donations can be used to cover administration costs. 

“It bothers me that many charities use a large percentage of donations to cover marketing and salaries. A huge attraction of Sunrise is that 99 percent of donations go back to our community and all the funds stay local.”

Glenda Stokes, Sunrise Executive Officer, says the team at Coates are proving that giving a little bit often is easy and really does make a difference. 

“Every payday the team at Coates are giving small drops of generosity that will eventually form a flood of impact in our community.”

Coates Corrina and Carnie 2018

Gisborne Herald Group joins workplace giving

Gisborne Herald Group is the latest organisation to join the Sunrise Workplace Giving programme. 

Catherine Chrisp, Gisborne Herald Group Company Accountant, says she was impressed with workplace giving as it makes it easy to give and donating $5 week is achievable for many people. 

The Gisborne Herald Group, which includes Te Rau Press and Office Product Depot, are well known as philanthropic supporters of a wide range of causes across our community.  Catherine says they are offering workplace giving to their staff because Sunrise is a local charity and all the funds stay in the Gisborne District. “These days you can’t always be sure the donation you give a charity isn’t going to disappear. Either out of the region, or wasted on overheads and admin costs. Sunrise doesn’t use any of the funds donated to pay for running costs and grants are only given to local charities and organisations. This was very appealing to us.” 

The Eastland Community Trust, J N Williams Memorial Trust and Clark Charitable Trust have sponsored the running cost of Sunrise for the first five years. Glenda Stokes, Sunrise Executive Officer, says this support has allowed Sunrise to concentrate on growing funds and supporting those in need in our community. “It has also given donors the confidence that 100% of their donation will help make a difference to our community.” 

She added “Sunrise workplace giving is a powerful way for our community to build a strong legacy for the future. If just one percent of the Gisborne district’s population donated $5 a week that would equate to over $170,000 per year. If those people gave for ten years, their donations (including income retained to protect the donations from inflation) would grow to over $2 million – all for the price of a cup of coffee. 

Catherine added that Sunrise’s endowment model (all donations are invested, protected and grown in line with inflation) is reassuring as the funds will be there for future generations to benefit from.  The surplus investment income is distributed to charities and organisations in the Gisborne District. She believes the Sunrise granting process, where applicants apply for funding for specific projects and are obligated to report back how the funds were spent, ensures there is  transparency and eliminates wastage.  “Workplace giving is sustainable giving with clear outcomes and accountability.” 

Staff at the Gisborne Herald, Te Rau Print and Office Product Depot can now donate to The Sunrise Foundation automatically through payroll and will not only get to see their donations working in our community, they will also enjoy an immediate tax benefit.  If someone chooses to donate $7.50 a week, the government pays $2.50 of that (PAYE), meaning only $5 is deducted from their pay packet.

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Tracey Lloyd and Catherine Chrisp (Gisborne Herald) with Kerry and Glenda, Sunrise

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