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At-risk rangatahi at the heart of Matapuna

At-risk rangatahi at the heart of Matapuna

25 August 2023 - Sunrise Foundation Matapuna girls

Matapuna Training Centre has big plans to grow their endowment fund, meaning students such as Calais Greening-Kawai and Karlena Page will reap the benefits for years to come.

Matapuna Trust Board recently established an endowment fund with Sunrise as part of their governance work to secure the Trust’s long-term future.   

Knowing Sunrise will invest donations in perpetuity (forever) and distribute the investment income back to Matapuna every year forever appealed, as it gave the Trust confidence the fund will support their ongoing viability. 

“Our Sunrise fund will provide a level of independent funding, where our Matapuna Trust Board will have discretion over where the funds will be most beneficial,” says Jodie Cook, Matapuna Training Centre, CEO.  

“Having a Sunrise grant every year will enable us to provide support for at risk youth and adults in a need based, flexible way,” says Jodie. 

Reliant on charitable funds every year to operate, the Trust felt restricted at times by government contracts and funding rules. This led to discussions about establishing a fund with Sunrise, knowing they would have control of how to use their annual grant in a way it will have the most impact for their students.  
The Matapuna team is committed to growing the fund through a range of activities over the near future, so they can continue helping rangatahi through the holistic wrap-around support system they offer. By removing or minimising barriers to learning, Matapuna hopes for all their students to achieve their goals and realise their potential. 

To read more about Matapuna’s new fund, or to actively support them with a donation please visit our website. Any donation you make will be invested, protected, and grown each year in line with inflation, with the investment income granted back to Matapuna annually as a grant. This means your donation will keep supporting them forever. 

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Matapuna provide Learner, Restricted, and Full Licence courses for clients referred from WINZ or Youth Services as one of their community-based programmes.