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Donors drive establishment of fund for local SPCA

Donors drive establishment of fund for local SPCA

29 October 2018 - Sunrise Foundation SPCA website

Animal lover Tracey Lloyd donates to the Gisborne SPCA Endowment Fund every week through workplace giving. Pictured here with Glenda and canine friends Molly and “Benny 3 Legs” who is an SPCA rescue dog.

Donor demand has seen the establishment of an endowment fund at The Sunrise Foundation for SPCA in Gisborne.

Sunrise has a number of special interest endowment funds that have been set up at the request of donors or by the organisations themselves.  

Glenda Stokes, Sunrise Executive Officer, says there was keen interest from several workplace giving donors that they would like to donate to a fund for SPCA in Gisborne. 

“A special interest endowment fund requires a $5000 establishment donation. Because there was a fair bit of interest from donors wishing to give to our local SPCA I approached two donors I knew had an affinity to SPCA and asked if they would like to help establish a fund for them.”

The two donors, who wish to remain anonymous, were thrilled to hear there was potential for regular giving to SPCA in Gisborne and didn’t hesitate to help seed the fund.

There are now people giving every pay day to the Gisborne SPCA Fund and it is growing steadily into what Glenda believes will become a significant fund for animal welfare in Tairāwhiti-Gisborne.

“SPCA is a beloved charity, many people feel passionate about animals and their care. As more people kept telling me they would like to help build a fund for our local SPCA it made me determined to work with donors and get a fund set up.”

Tracey Lloyd is giving regularly to the Gisborne SPCA Endowment Fund through workplace giving. An animal lover that has always had pets, Tracey says she’s used SPCA often when she’s found animals she couldn't look after herself.

“I’ve always supported SPCA. I think people can look after themselves, but animals can’t, that’s where SPCA does such a great job.”

Tracey has been donating every week since workplace giving was introduced to The Gisborne Herald Group 15 months ago. Every pay day she gives $5, the price of a cup of coffee, which is automatically deducted from her wages and sent to Sunrise. In that time she has donated over $500 and she says, “I don’t even notice my donations going out and I don’t miss the money, as it’s not a lot each time.”

Not only is workplace giving an easy way to donate a little often, it also has the added bonus of an immediate tax benefit. For every dollar donated the government pays a third back as a tax credit in the same pay period.  So, as in Tracey’s case, she nominated a donation of $7.50 each pay day, the government pays $2.50 of that, meaning only $5 is deducted from her pay packet. 

Tracey likes that she’s helping to build capital in the fund and it’s our local SPCA that will benefit from her donations.

”It’s a big thing to me that it stays in town, that’s what I like about it. You can donate directly to SPCA but not really be sure where that money is going. At least I know my donations are going to be used here.”

All donations to the Gisborne SPCA Endowment Fund will be invested, protected and grown to keep up with inflation. The surplus investment income will be returned to SPCA in Gisborne each and every year forever. 

Donate now to the Gisborne SPCA Fund.

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