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Our first ‘Community Heroes’ 

Our first ‘Community Heroes’ 

26 May 2023 - The Sunrise Foundation Community Hero sold

John and Shelley became our first ‘Community Heroes’ when they sold their home through Gisborne Bayleys.  .

Congratulations to John and Shelley Bowers who became our first official Community Heroes after they listed and sold their home with Gisborne Bayleys.  

Platinum Sunrise sponsor Gisborne Bayleys have pledged that when someone lists and sells through one of their agents, making sure to mention Sunrise in the initial visit, they will donate $1000 towards Sunrise's operating costs.  

Shelley says, “When we discovered Bayleys would donate $1000 to Sunrise, it was a ‘no-brainer’ for us to list with them. It didn’t cost us anything and made us feel good knowing that Sunrise would benefit.” 

Sunrise retains a maximum of 1% of endowment value each year to cover operating costs, meaning 99% of all donations work for our community, so the extra support is much appreciated. 

If you or someone you know is thinking about selling a residential, commercial, or rural property, we would love for you to consider listing with Bayleys.  

Please, help us spread the word and encourage more people to become ‘Community Heroes.’