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Rangitahi learn, create, and connect through music  

Rangitahi learn, create, and connect through music  

26 May 2023 - The Sunrise Foundation Chamber Music

Cathy Irons, Engagement Artist at Chamber Music New Zealand creates music using bucket drums with students from Kaiti School at a three-day creative residency course. 

In last year's annual funding round The Gisborne International Chamber Music Competition received a grant from our General fund.  In partnership with Chamber Music New Zealand (CMNZ) they presented a series of music-based programmes for communities in Tairāwhiti-Gisborne. 

Based around three areas of focus; Learn, Create and Connect, the projects were designed to create opportunities for people who have had little or no access to the arts to express themselves through music.  

Valerie Paquin, Chamber Music Marketing and Communications Executive, says “The sharing of music is a wonderful way to build on communication skills and strengthen relationships as well as providing a constructive way in which to have fun with others.”  

Amongst several projects in 2022, they delivered a three-day creative residency course at Kaiti school where students were given the opportunity to create music using bucket drums. Music tutors also visited Tauawhi Men’s Centre to present a series of interactive workshops, each adapted to the age, interests, and skills of the participants.  

Another successful workshop took place at Matapuna Training Centre where musicians worked alongside rangatahi creating music using bucket drums, ukulele and violins which culminated in a performance.  

One student said, “The best part was learning to play the instruments and doing the programme with friends. I found singing in front of people and writing my own song challenging, but I learnt I could perform."