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$1 million milestone reached

$1 million milestone reached

31 July 2016 - The Sunrise Foundation 1m 800x600

$1.1 million milestone reached

The generosity of Gisborne donors has exceeded expectations with news that local people have gifted over $1.1 million in donations and $5.5 million in promised bequests to The Sunrise Foundation in the past two years.

Glenda Stokes, executive officer, is elated with the support that the community has shown the foundation.  “We have only been operating for two years, so to break the one million dollarmark is truly gratifying.”

Sunrise, a community endowment foundation, was launched by The Warehouse founder Sir Stephen Tindall in October 2014.  Although new to New Zealand, community foundations are the fastest growing form of philanthropy worldwide and have been operating for over 100 years in North America.

Glenda believes it is the strength of the endowment model, where donations and bequests are invested and grown each year, that has appealed to Sunrise’s supporters. 

“People like the idea that their donation is protected and inflation proofed so that it will keep on working for their community forever,” she says.

Chair John Clarke believes Sunrise is poised to make a real difference in the Gisborne district. Sunrise only distributes grants to local causes and charities.  “Sunrise is an organisation for local people to give for local needs.”